YelloTool SpeedClip - Small - 3 in diameter - 10 per bag

YelloTool SpeedClip - Small - 3 in diameter - 10 per bag


Shipping Weight: 0.20 lbs.



Small SpeedClip

• Perfected plastic formulation
• Superb handling and durability 
• Ideal for rolls up to 10 yards in length
• Finger hold for fast snapping on and off
• No mark or indentations on delicate media

If there's ever been an instant hit in the sign business, SpeedClip it is. And the reason is obvious: To keep vinyl and print media properly wound. You can use tape and hope that it didn’t damage the media. Or you can use SpeedClips, which pop on and off in less than a second, without tape waste or damaged media. There's really not a question. SpeedClip is light-years better. Speedclip is available in two sizes. Large (4.5 inches), used for 50 yard rolls of media and small (3 inches), used for 10 yard rolls of media. The large Speedclip is available in orange. The small Speedclip is available in three colors. Red, white and blue. When ordering small clips, colors many vary.

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