Getting Started in Sign Making

Getting Started in SignmakingTo get started in sign making you'll need four components:
A vinyl cutter, a computer with sign making software, a set of sign supplies, and a variety of substrates.

First, let's look at vinyl cutters. They come in a selection of sizes and have different features and options. For a new user, we have several starter systems based on a variety of widths and cutter speeds. It all depends on how much sign cutting you will do, and how much sign cutting capability you will need in the future. View our starter systems.

You'll need a computer with sign making software to design the graphics and send the information to the cutter. Your cutter will come with VE LXi Software. You can use it to design images, or import files designed in other software.

When you buy a complete system package from SignWarehouse, the computer and software are included with the cutter. And there's a set-up disk with your system to show you everything, how to assemble the stand, how to adjust the pinch rollers and downforce, and how to install your software. Plus, our technical support website has many tutorial videos to help you as you learn.

Complete sign making systemNext, you'll need the rolls of vinyl, premask, and squeegee to prepare the vinyl for application. We carry every supply necessary for complete sign making, and even offer a Sign Shop Supply Starter kit with the basic items you'll need.

The Starter Kit features our Basic Vinyl Application video. The video will show you how to choose the right vinyl for the job, the tools available and how to use them, how to prepare the substrate, and how to apply the vinyl. View a sample from our Basic Vinyl Application video.

And finally, you’ll need substrates for the finished signs. A substrate can be any solid, non porous surface. A glass door, an automobile, or primed and painted wood. Precut, specially manufactured substrates, called “blanks” are available for everything from real estate signs to license plates. Corrugated plastic in bright colors is commonly used. And, by far the most popular, banners.

You can buy all these products and more from Our Shop Online Site.We are your source for professional sign making equipment and supplies.

When you’re ready to get started in the sign making business, call us at 1-800-699-5514. We’ll be glad to help.