Vinyl Express LXi Sign Making Software

  • Design Central is your sign layout partner
  • Built-in spell check saves costly mistakes
  • Cloud server can be your off-site file backup
  • Instant access to SignTracker tools & templates
  • Instant access to logos and clip art files
  • New design features like transparent fills
  • Fonts and Graphics collection included w/ al levels
  • Desktop print and cut operations now supported by LXi Expert, Master, and Master Plus
  • FlexiSIGN Compatible
  • Interactive Setup DVD for easy installation.
  • From the makers of FlexiSIGN software
  • System Requirements for VE Lxi

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New Features in LXI Cloud

  Transparent Fills in LXI Master Plus Cloud
Windows 8 64-bit compatibility.   LXi Master PLus Cloud now has transparent fills

Archive your work on the SAI Cloud server  
Archive your work on the SAI Cloud server   Access Sign.COM logos and clip art files


LXI Rhinestone Wizard offers easy workflow for creating rhinestone decorated apparel.
Plug-in for LXi EXPERT, MASTER, and MASTER PLUS for Windows. Click here for more information
  The Contour Cut Mark feature supports print and cut workflow with desktop printers

Why Choose Vinyl Express® LXi™ Sign Making Software?


LXi contains many tools for special effects. The effects menu will save you hours of design time. Create your effects, change the appearance, edit, combine, break apart, and more. LXi offers endless design effect options.

Vital Job Info
LXi allows you to save all the information about each job in one place! LXi will store job specifications, customer info, and statistics about labor time, job size, and pricing.

The Design Central feature in LXi delivers all the tools you’ll need within one interface.

User Friendly
LXi offers user friendly tools to ensure optimum efficiency. DesignCentral is a context sensitive window that displays tabs and options according to the objects you have selected or which tool you have chosen.

Comfortable Interface
If you’re already working with another software program such as CorelDraw, Adobe, or Inspire, etc., LXi will let you transform the user interface of this software to any software that you might already be comfortable with! WOW!

Bitmap Tools
Easy to use tools to edit bitmaps imported into your document.

What Makes Vinyl Express® LXi™ Signmaking Software so easy to use and versatile?

The user interface of Vinyl Express® LXi™ vinyl cutting software is what makes signmaking easy for beginners as well as those who have loved signmaking for years!

DesignCentral - DesignCentral is the one-stop home for all designing needs. This powerful feature increases productivity by placing everything you need in one location.

QuickEdit - You can instantaneously on-screen edit or update any effect applied to any object. For example, if there is text with a shadow that is misspelled, you can click on the text and make any correction. The shadow is automatically updated; there’s no need to enter a separate editor.

DesignEditor - You can hide or lock layers, edit or rearrange any step of the design process and drag effects from one object to another. Even objects in the most complex design can be edited with just one click.

Built-in Spell Checking - VE LXi’s spell checker can check either selected text or the entire design, preventing costly mistakes and misspellings. The dictionary contains over 100,000 words and suggests replacements. You can even create custom dictionaries.

LXi™ Tools - You can simply point the cursor at any tool or icon in Vinyl Express LXi and the Tool Tips provide the features name.

Customizable Interface - With VE LXi software you have the ability to rearrange, tear off and hide all the tool palettes. You can customize the interface to best suit your work habits.


LXi Apprentice is a complete text and graphics layout program that utilizes both Windows TrueType and Adobe Type 1 fonts. LXi Apprentice allows you to do simultaneous cutting and designing of your signs. Also included is a wide base of built-in vinyl sign cutting plotter drivers. LXi Apprentice is the cost-effective solution for sign makers who are just starting out in the sign making business.

LXi Apprentice Features:

  • Flexi-SIGN Compatible Pen Fills for Solid Lettering
  • Cut and Paste Options Automatic Color Separations for Cutting
  • Vinyl Color Library Interactive Cutter Control
  • 32-bit Code for Faster Operations Simultaneous Cutting and Designing
  • Animated Previews Power Weed
  • Editable Guidelines and Grids Automatic Registration Marks for Cutting
  • Easy to Use Measuring Tool Automatic Horizontal and Vertical Tiling
  • LXI Cloud archive access for online file storage
  • Access to SignTracker templates, logos and art
  • Complete Object Layering Control Basic Library of 200 High-Quality Fonts
  • Node Edit / Duplicate Auto Font Import
  • Mirror Imaging / Basic Borders 51+ Import/Export filters (EPS, DXF, etc.)
  • Multiple Documents Interface Rotate Objects
  • Online Help / Case Conversion Drawing Tools / Shapes: Circles & Rectangles/Mirror

LXi Expert is the only sign making package in its price range that has high quality scanning and autotracing. Other features include Contour-Cut Marks for the production of print and cut decals with your desktop inkjet or laser printer, * Distortions, smooth drop shadows, automatic text kerning, expanded shape tools, and the optional rhinestone wizard plug-in.

LXi Master adds more vectorization tools including AutoTrace and Centerline Trace Vectorization, Bitmap tools including the abiltiy to rasterize vector graphics for export to clients, and color mode, bitmap transparency, move, lassoo and marquee tools. Your vector graphics are enhanced by the addtion of stripe effects and complex jobs are more easily managed using the Multiple Layers and Object Hierarchy tools and the Repeat Last Command function and more.

LXi Master PLUS completes the package by adding more shape tools, more bitmap tools and more pattern options. To aid your sign business and customer management, job info and job statistics are added. With the design, workflow and business management features found in LXi Master Plus, you have everything needed to start, run, and grow a successful sign business producing all manner of vector signs and graphics.

LXi Sign Making Software Feature Chart

Click here for an expanded list of features.

Please note minimum system requirements for VE LXi and Flexi software:

Windows Vista, 7, and 8; 32-bit and 64-bit compatible.
Windows XP is not supported and may or may not be fully compatible.

4GB RAM / 250GB Hard Drive / 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution
4 Gb hard drive space availability

High speed Internet access required for initial software download and activation.

VE LXi also works GREAT with:

* Contour Cut Mark print and cut workflow requires the use of a vinyl cutter with a registration mark sensor.